Can a Dream Curse You...? To Death.

A short write up on a creepy occurrence that happened in the 80's to someone I know...

     First, let's say the family name was Smith, and from what I have heard from them, the story goes like this... The father in-law, Jim had died. And during the time between his death and the funeral, his daughter in-law, Jane had a dream. She dreamt he came to her and said "You're next." She awoke immediately and was truly shaken by this. She told her husband John and both would never forget it.

     We don't know everything, and sometimes maybe we aren't meant to know everything. Though in being human, we are always in search of answers, especially when it comes to the supernatural. My question is, what kind of dream was this? A premonition? I find it very hard to make sense of this type of dream. A premonition can be described as foreknowledge of an event by the subconscious. Usually as a feeling of foreboding, and usually bad.

     I have heard it said, "When someone dies, touch the body, or else you will dream of them."

     I am not sure if she ever did lay hands on the body to say good-bye, especially after that kind of dream. So what is really happening? Was it her belief in the words "You're next" that sealed her doom? Was it some kind of curse? Did her father in law Jim really know she was going to die next?

     Depending on the depth of belief someone has, they can definitely cause events to happen. When it comes to manifestation, I know it comes down to belief and speaking it out, and she certainly did so when she told John. Something like that would clearly affect her subconscious-magnetism. Also I have heard it said, in manifestation, to say it once and let it be, don't think about it and let it happen. The second school of thought, is to speak it out, and think on it daily. Something like that would play havoc with her mind, and denial would be something she no doubt tried to do... She was scared.

     Do ghosts and spirits have the power to enter your dreams? I would say they do. You can only dream of people you have met or seen. Apparently we do not make up random people in dreams. In some capacity, these are people we have met. In the case of Jane and Jim, they were very close, but what transpired in the dream was enough to chill her to the bone. So if it was Jim, was he forewarning her? If it wasn't, and something took his form, was it a demon who uttered a curse to her?

     Can you imagine dreaming this? Especially when it was someone you loved, in such a sad time, to see them once again, but with such frightful words..?  I think when people dream there is always some purpose to them. Whether the day's experiences, or life's experiences, or as a way of letting things go, or a way of reminding us of something. Nightmares are our fears taking on their true selves, and in other instances taking on a different incarnation with the purpose of survival. And some nightmares just take on a demonic influence with one reason, to wear us down mentally as to cause our self destruction.  Her dream could have been called nightmare, as it most assuredly terrified her.

     So What happened? She died next...  

     In the end, I would lean towards saying it was in fact Jim who had tried to warn her about the future, as he would not want her to go without saying her good-byes to the ones she loved.  Do they know the future? I would say not all of them, but some do. I am guessing that during his window of opportunity, his words were a little abrupt, but made his point. And I am sure she did get to tell the ones she loved how much she did love them. And in her own way, shortly after her death, gracing us with her presence as she walked through our basement.

"What you fear, you will find." - Joyce Byam.

Dee McCullay - Dark History



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