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Growing up in a haunted house, there were always weird occurrences. One of them was the telephone ringing. Sound odd? No? Here's where it gets a little strange.

     In my years of growing up in that place, there was nothing more annoying than the phone always ringing. Always this person or that person, always wanting something, never even just to talk and find out how family is doing. Some days it rings up to 25 times a day. Yes I count. It can be quite annoying. But what happens when it rings in the middle of the night?

     I remember the phone ringing in the night, and waking to it. As I got older I began taking note, it was always between 1 AM and 4 AM. I am a light sleeper and always have been, and I am sure the rest of the family is as well. The phone would ring, but no one would stir about in their beds. Even when falling asleep in the living room, in front of the TV, the phone would ring. I'd jump up and rush to answer it trying to catch this prankster, but always knew it wasn't going to be a living person on the other end, as I had come to realize how paranormal this house is. The majority of the time the phone would ring once, enough to wake me up. Every once in a while we'd get the odd 3 ringer. Always couldn't make it to the phone in time.

     What is the voltage required for the average telephone to operate at peak? Usually about 9 volts. Even at that, a spirit would need to amass all that energy and focus it to one circuit. What kind of energy would it take to just cause the ringer go off? I would think all it would take is about 1.5 volts, though I have never checked the rating. Is it possible it was a problem with the phone itself? No. The phones have been changed throughout the years. Maybe the phone line? They have been changed too. If it is a problem with the main line coming from the pole, I don't think they would come out and fix it because of a complaint about the phone ringing at night. We could have just unplugged the phone, yes. But over the years there have been real calls in the night, that a family member or friend was dying or in the hospital. So keeping the phone plugged in was always a good thing. And I think unplugging it would just cause the spirits to change the channel on the TV haha.

Finally those old phones were done away with and we had call display. It stopped! I really haven't experienced this phenomenon for years. Once I made it to the phone, only to find a dial tone. Who was this calling? Quite odd. Well, finally, what happened last night? There was a call. I thought, 'Oh, there it is, the one ring. I'll check it on the morning.' I checked it, and wouldn't you know it? It takes more than one ring to show up on the display, so there is no record of a call coming in. What I would like, is just one time... To answer it, and find it's a long dead loved one calling to say hello and tell me how they're doing. I think we all would like to receive that call.

Dee McCullay - Dark History



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