Have you ever picked up a spiritual hitchhiker...?

     June 2 2013, me and my girlfriend (at the time) decided to take a little trip to an historic church called St. Sylvester's, just North of Nipigon, Ontario.

     I am ever in search of mystery and legends of ghosts. I have visited many cemeteries over the years and enjoyed each one immensely. I walk through with the greatest of respect for those who have fallen asleep and often think about all their life experiences, their time period, and stories of what happened to them.

     During this particular walk through, we decided to go beyond, into the trails behind the cemetery looking for possible un marked graves. You can usually tell where they are because there are depressions in the ground where the dirt was piled, and then over time the coffins or the pine boxes crush leaving a depression in the ground. We offered tobacco, and began exploring, and did notice what looked like there could be a few unmarked graves.

     Next I told her of the natives of the Red Rock, who were (according to what I was told) pushed from Red Rock's Superior shore by the Finns, and settled on the Nipigon River at a place called Parmachene (pronounced - Par-mah-sheen.) Also another source had told me about the burial grounds and there is an old arial map from the 40's showing it (to this day I still haven't seen that map.)

     So we left for Parmachene. We drove down the rough old road scanning the tree line for any hints at graves. We drove down to the river and turned around and sat there for a while discussing another story. It seems there may have been an original road (or trail) at that point where I have heard a bridge once was. Even with google maps it looks like there could have been. Someone had mentioned the story of the devil being seen on the bridge which I relayed to her. Eventually after talking and not wanting to go trudging through the forest, we ended up leaving.

     That night I rolled around in bed with uncontrollable shakes and chills. I didn't want to wake her anymore than I had already, so I went downstairs and laid on the couch at 2 AM. I am ever vigilant, I had meters and sensors on the stair way and hallway upstairs, yeah, I don't have an off switch. I have never, ever been that cold in my life, it was like I was freezing from the inside out. I had blankets piled on me which didn't help at all.

Photo of my stairway during refinishing.

     I shook for the next 2 and a half hours, and finally fell asleep at about 4:30 AM. The next thing I remember the sound of heavy footsteps slowly descending the stairway broke the silence. I sat up, the chills were gone. The steps were so heavy the stairway made cracking noises. Neither meter nor sensor alerted, as I had them placed every 4 steps, and also had motion sensor lights on the walls for general visibility.  Whatever this was had the ability to bypass all of it.

     The steps cracked and wrenched all the way to main floor. It entered the kitchen, where I could hear what only could be described as the sound of two pieces of rubber being ground together. The kitchen light did not turn on, as believing it was her, would be the natural thing to do. I got up, rounded the corner to to ask what she was doing.... I found nobody standing there. I looked at the time to make note 5:25.

     What do I believe happened? I think we picked something up at St. Sylvester's after walking in behind the cemetery. Though I have returned to the cemetery on many other trips, this did not happen again. But I will always remember this experience, and to this day don't know what that sound was, or what it could have meant...

As I always say, be careful where you go as you can easily pick up a spiritual hitchhiker and not know it until it is too late.

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  1. My favorite place in Nipigon is the cemetery just down from main st....there is also a native burial area there that has been recently recognized.. Go there often!!!


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