So... What do Demons want?

So... What DO demons want anyway..?

     Whether you are a believer or not, or just want to read up on DH's thoughts on the subject, this is what I have come to understand. Please stick with me as this subject does have to bring up some biblical accounts.

     When dealing with the demonic in Apartment X, I remember sitting there in disbelief mulling over the early morning events. I just couldn't believe it. It was like, you hear the stories, but it never hits home until it hits home. I mulled it over for a few days, dealing with it. I even thought about trying to ask it what it wanted, but knew I couldn't just get it to respond, and certainly couldn't befriend it to find out it's intentions. But in dealing with hauntings and the like, a few things seem to drop into place.

     Do they want your soul...? As is said in the movies...

     What is the soul anyway? It's a biblical reference to the spiritual side of humanity that is in need of "saving." Are there differences between spirit and soul? There appears to be. In biblical references, it mentions the sword of the spirit being able to divide both spirit and soul. So if we think about it, our spirit is the exact duplicate of our body, but not in the physical sense. The soul is something that can be made both dirty and clean. Do animals have souls? Does anyone really know? No. However they do have spirits, as I have seen animals in the past that weren't there in the physical sense.  To me it would make sense that animals have a basic rudimentary sense of good and bad, based on the actions of the owner; hence "bad dog!" and the animal puts it's head down and tail between it's legs. They have a spirit, but it wouldn't make sense for them to have a soul, as the soul is something worth "saving." I remember the childhood question, do animals go to heaven? I would think so, as they are not human with a full on conscience, and choosing to be good or evil.

     So what is it about the soul, if we further the course of study? Is the soul something of worth? Apparently so. As there are so many stories in our culture of people selling their souls to the devil and receiving  temporal gain. If your soul is worth whatever you may ask, be sure not to just bet on a fiddle of gold. If the forces of good and evil are in an eternal wrestling match for your soul, there has got to be something that is worth much to either side.

     Many in the paranormal field would rather chase ghosts, but not to the follow from one end of the spectrum to the other. In this day and age most folks don't want to hear about God, but if there is such thing as ghosts, that leads to spirits, demons, angels, hierarchy, dimensions, Heaven, Hell, the Devil, and God. There are some in the paranormal field who have been through the worst of demonic hauntings, and when asked, they will tell you; Don't talk to them. Don't open the door. Stay away from them. They don't want to be your friend. They absolutely won't stop. They will wait for you. They will hurt you. They will cause things to happen around you and kill everyone you love. They don't like you, they only want one thing from you. And that is for you to die. They will oppress you, they will possess you, they will take you to the lowest point and cause you to destroy yourself, or do the work themselves.

     Where do they come from? Hell? I would tend to believe they don't. I believe they pass through the earth going to and fro, looking for victims. I would think if they are in hell, that's where they stay, as Hell is a spiritual holding cell and once in, no one gets out. I think they come from the air itself, as the greeks would call spirits, "Pneuma."  I believe all spirits whether good or bad, all originate from the air, or even the direct invisible space around us. Further more whether in our lungs and blood supply, even all the way out into the universe itself.

     Demons do not have feelings other than hatred, there is no remorse, there is no he or she, there is only affiliation, plan and will. A demon is an it, as there is no way to describe them in regard to gender. They are not human, they have never been human. They are ancient entities, who have no problem waiting a lifetime for you to slip up, (as a lifetime to them is a blink of an eye.) They may listen to you for a time to draw you in and make you comfortable with their presence, but they will never be your friend. In fact, if that is their plan, they will do it to gain your trust. People who have gone through the worst of hauntings will tell you, the only way they survived is through their belief in God, religious practice, from prayer to full on exorcisms by the church. Did God make them? No. They are the ancient fallen ones as the bible would have us believe. One portion fell with Satan and the other portion kept their homes.

     If they possess, this implies what.....? This would mean they can take over, they can own, they can corrupt, they can enforce, they can wish, they can will, they can want, they can crave, they can need, they can think, they can plan, they can gather, they can listen, they can see, they can speak. This means they have a spiritual body with arms, legs, mouth, eyes, but need a physical body to inhabit. Why do they need a physical body? In the shortest possible sense, to destroy.

     Do they want your home? No. If you lived in a rat infested sewer, they would cling to you like velcro, and still your surroundings would never be an issue. The only home they want is your body. That is the home they want, and if they have been exorcised, they still knock on the door expecting to come in, as once they have entered your body and pushed aside your spirit, they crave that home forever. Biblically there was one guy who was possessed, and was filled with a Legion of them, in fact when asked, the demon said his name was Legion, as they were many. How many would make a legion? Up to 6000. So when forced out a demon craves coming back, and brings back 7 more, more wicked than itself. No wonder in biblical accounts they could break chains. When casted out, they went into a herd of pigs (as they are the closest to human flesh,) and the herd immediately drove themselves off a cliff and drowned in the sea. We are not dealing with something fun and entertaining, and the root behind these paranormal movies are never happy go lucky. They are about evil forces battling for our souls. When the body is taken, the soul can be owned as well.

     What kind of power do they have? They can inflict you spiritually, mentally, physically, sexually. Even influence events, people and material objects around you. Here is one example. I have bright headlights, and after picking somebody up from work at midnight, we drove home on a fairly bright lit street. I didn't even notice my headlights gradually dimming. There was an oncoming vehicle and I could have sworn I saw a person shoot out across the street in front of that truck, about 100 feet ahead. I said, "What the hell?" and began breaking trying to see this guy. As we neared that spot, at the last second, there he was on the side of the road, wearing a plaid shirt and blue jeans, he had sandy brown hair - I had time enough to commit to memory that much. But the weirdest part was, pieces of him were shaded pitch black. And what did he do? As we passed he stepped out and let himself fall, barely missing the back end of the car. The passenger said, "Holy shit! Did you see that?! He just missed us by like 5 inches!" We could see him getting up off the street as we looked back. When we got home we told my girlfriend (at the time) the story as we inspected the car. She said that she had experienced that before, and it is called demonic cloaking, and they were going to find a way to kill him. Immediately I started wondering what had this poor guy done to allow these things to be in such control...?

     So in closing, what is it they want..? They want humans to die, and in a biblical context, go to hell. In ghost hunting, I believe we need to take into account all things, we can not do away with one thing and leave another. There is another world we don't often get to see, there are forces at work beyond our recognition and control. And in seeking a beginning and an end, it reminds me of this odd quote from One flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, "I'm not just talking about one person, I'm talking about everybody. I'm talking about form, I'm talking about content, I'm talking about interrelationships. I'm talking about God, the devil, Hell, Heaven." - Mr Harding.

Dee McCullay - Dark History


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