Hit & Miss - Dark History's List of Experiments

A quick write up on Dark History's hit and miss experiments...

     Over the years I have tried many different experiments to talk to the dead. Why even try? Because it is a challenge, and has been something I have always been interested in. I remember in the 90's hearing about EVP's. A friend was telling me about cemetery recordings. I thought he was crazy. And look who's crazy now...

I tried it with the technology of the day, a tape recorder. Over the years different technologies have arisen and different ideas. Experiments I have tried and especially in the last few years include:

1. Digital recorder's and Mini disc recordings, including recording to computer.
2. Using a powered subwoofer to record low end.
3. Photography and videography, including UV, infrared and full spectrum.
4. Strobe in combination with night vision - Pulse light experiments.
5. Direct AM Radio Experiments - Cleaning some crazy sounds under the static.
6. Using a touch sensitive LED plate on locations, with yes and no written on the glass.
7. Using a fog machine, back lit with a powerful light and taking stills.
8. Ghost boxing and SRC sessions - Including transistor muting.
9. Lens distortions - Clear wrap over a lens and photography of the results.
10. CB, baby monitor experiments. Sending questions over the frequencies and recording results.
11. Lazer grid experiments.
12. KII, multimeter, compass, and magnetic field recording.
13. ITC TV and Transfiguration experiments.
14. Realtime delay and signal processing recordings.

The ones I stand by to this day are simply the Digital recorder, videography and SRC which have given me the best results.

Dee McCullay - Dark History.


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