In the Whisper & Crackle - The Electronic Voice Phenomenon

We all know what EVP's are, so rather than go over the same stuff everyone else reiterates, with definition and history... This is the Dark History theory on EVP... Even though science can not prove the phenomena to be spirits.

     If everything in the universe is in a state of constant vibration on different frequencies, sound is also a vibration. Causing our ears drums to vibrate, sending the signal to our brain to interpret as noise or intelligible. The voice when recorded is shown as a wave of vibration. Even in the old days of recording to cylinders, sound of all sort would cause the needle to vibrate cutting minute grooves into the wax. When played back, the vibration amplified at speed would send the signal through the tone arm, and pulse sound from the speaker (so to speak) and into our ears to be interpreted. Magnetic recording on cassette also worked from the same principal, except upon recording, it would realign the sound into direct conformity of the frequency via magnetics, and then played back through a speaker medium.

     When we think of dropping a glass in the kitchen, the shatter is a tiny break in the sonic barrier, and that is what causes the sound in an instantaneous reaction. People who are hearing impaired can still hear, but some frequencies in the audio spectrum are missing, however can still feel vibration. All the senses of the body are tuned to react together giving the body an impression of it's surroundings, though not all of us have fully working senses.

     The two main factors of audio are sound and interpretation. Sound is a wave, interpretation is a reaction to that wave. The voice wave frequency of the average human being is generally 85 - 255 Hz, male to female. When recording EVP's, one must recognize that the spirit voice being recorded does not have a physical body, thus vocal cords are missing, and must use the sound vibration generated by the recordist and the reactive surroundings. The word spirit originally stems from the Greek word, Pneuma, which is where we derive the word air. With these factors in mind, the spirit then, is part of the air itself and must use the sonic frequencies passing through the air to articulate the message to the recording. Generally these voices come through as whispers, though I have caught full on voices with their own wave patterns at times. Your best bet when recording EVP's is to make noise as this is what they are using to speak.

     When walking through a location, every step sends out a wave and bounces from the surroundings, much like we see on the movie Daredevil. And when you become aware of these reactive sounds, you can learn to distinguish what is just a noise, and what comes across as a voice within those sounds and tag them on your recorder. If we could wire up a location with floor plan on computer, and an interactive visual database in real time of noise reverberation; in theory we could see cause and effect of audio occurrences in the surroundings, and possibly find the point of origin of an EVP. Thus, finding the ghost.

     How do we know we are catching spirits on our recordings? Truth is no one knows for sure. They could be audio pareidolia, or stray radio waves, however, radio waves do not answer us back. With audio pareidolia, we hear what we want to hear, or think we hear. If a car is running, we can ask a friend to listen, "Do you hear someone saying 'run'?" The other person will often hear a completely different interpretation or nothing at all. This is why I have kept so many recordings unreleased, and only about 10 % public. If they are not easily recognizable I keep them to myself. What do I choose to record with? The type of microphones I use on every recording are called electoret condenser mics which are very sensitive, and can also be doubled up. I have experimented with 3 and 4 mics but then the audio drops off, so using 2 in sequence is the best method.

     Do I believe they can manipulate Radio waves? No. Radio waves are electromagnetic signals, operating on specific frequencies, electronically amplified using germanium diodes and sent to a receiver designed to receive them on that specific frequency. However, I do believe in precognitive word sequencing. The ghost box is nothing more than a radio scanner, often needing to be cleaned up in post recording to distinguish the words associated with the question being asked.

     Why do some recordings come off as angry? Their emotion goes with them. Imagine a life of being loved, and having family and friends, and talking and enjoying company, and then death occurs. You stand with family and friends as you are mourned, and trying to talk to them saying you are here. Eventually you become remembered, and then as time goes by only thought of, and in passing years, forgotten. Imagine decades of being ignored, and then watching people you don't know move in and out of your house and they ignore you as well. Then an EVP recordist comes along and you take your chance to get heard, and often is your only chance. Anyone in that situation would have some high emotion to impress upon the recording, whether angry, sad, lonely and all feelings in-between. Memory and emotion are all you really have left. Emotion itself can also be a form of vibration, often sensitives can pick up on them. An empath dealing with having to go out in public often feels the strain of emotion bouncing from person to person until it finds them as they are the receptor, and walks away full of emotion which was never theirs to begin with.

     EVP's are often heard with pops and crackles, which I believe to be minute sound barrier breaks, just as a glass can shatter breaking the barrier, the spirit must break through that barrier which divides one world from the next. I often think if a jet breaking the sonic barrier could clearly record audio without the noise of air rushing past, what kind of voice phenomenon could be captured to a recorder..? To us, it sounds like an explosion, to them they do not hear it as they are traveling past that barrier causing a white wash of material to form in the air, and this I believe is the same material spirits are made of, and manipulate to form coherent words in EVP recording. Are pilots entering another dimension? No, they have gone beyond the speed of which sound travels, not entering another world.

     Why would we need to amplify such recordings if spirits are breaking the sound barrier? The barrier breaks are so small and fast, only the sensitivity of the microphone can pick it up, resulting in whispers and crackles upon playback. Amplification is a necessity, unless they can concentrate the energy from surrounding electromagnetic fields for an instance to say a word or phrase. So what does this all boil down to? In theory, it seems it all comes down to high energetic vibration; which can cause voice phenomenon, also hot and cold spots, and even cause the formation of material from thin air which eventually could lead to visible spirit manifestation.

Dee McCullay - Dark History


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