Drunken Psychic Shenanigans

I am no psychic...

Though at times I do receive psychic flash, when I hear a certain word, or see a certain thing. I can not turn it on or off. It just happens.

I don't ever to myself as psychic or gifted, and I don't know what it is that even causes it to happen.

Let's face it, we all like to get our tilt on once in a while, and me being no exception... I know back in my party days my parents would leave for camp, and we'd get smashed. I told my brother, mom and dad are coming home... What happened? They walked through the door and we got busted partying, had to clean up all the empties and spills. Another time we did the same thing, this time I told my brother exactly what I saw, "Mom and dad are coming home. They'll be pulling in the driveway." This time he heeded my warning and we started cleaning up and making the house spotless. We opened the front door, and upon opening it.... Ta-daaaah! There they were pulling in exactly as I saw it happen!!! Good thing for me and my drunken psychic-ness.

Another time at a party in town this very old lady was there, and she was pretty wasted. It was kind of funny. Anyway it's loud and there's people talking, music blaring. Were all sitting along the wall in the living room. The lady starts saying her goodbyes down the line. She's about 3/ 4 people away talking. And I turned to my gf and said "She's gonna tell me, "I'm gonna kill you." Well about 2 minutes later or so she comes up to me and says it was nice to meet you (Shaking my hand.) "I'm gonna kill you." I busted out laughing and said, "See!??? I told you she was gonna say that!!!"

I know it's very odd, but I don't know how it happened, and since the first time, I have had what I refer to as psychic flash. Even one time asking someone did so and so die? They found out in a matter of minutes that indeed, so and so had died. I didn't even know the guy, the name just came to me... Weird huh?

I am so strange, and even stranger is how these things all come together and work, the mysteries of this universe will never cease. Maybe I opened myself up in some way? I don't know... Pretty cool though.

Dee McCullay - Dark History


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