Dark History Episode 2 - The Mather Walls House

I woke at 2:30 AM excited for what was to come...

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Dark History Episode 2 Trailer Mather Walls House

Having 2 - 2 and a half hours of sleep isn't fun, especially when you're so excited to go somewhere, and you know you should be sleeping.... But man, it was worth it. I was on my way by 3:15 to one of the most haunted homes in Northern Ontario... The Mather Walls House.

Leaving home and not to see my Dark History page for a day was hard, but my Dark Historians bidded me farewell and I knew I was to return to a ton of notifications from Dark Historians and friends. The van contained a dolly slider, jib, 3 tripods, lighting kits, 3 video camera's, my SRC Radio, Digital audio recorder, a pile of wiring and an LCD display, readied for the episode shoot. I had never been there before and got lost 4 times starting in Kenora, and finally making my way to Keewatin. But now that I know the way, I will never forget.

I arrived to meet Paula, shortly followed by cast members for the re-enactments, and then Arend. They gave me a tour of the home and some of the haunted history of personal experiences. They could not confirm or deny the stories displayed as public information found on the web, as they themselves did not experience the various hauntings. Everyone was a real delight to meet and work with. I shot the re-enactments with our cast who were very easy going and an excellent group to direct. My Production Assistant, I imagine had left as I was so late in showing up, so this meant shooting and lighting on my own.

I even managed to get a couple shots of a crow which kept encircling the home with my old blackberry phone, (so slow to take pics) I knew I was in for a fun filled night. After everyone had left that night I sat alone in the dark for about an hour just listening to the sounds the house makes, and traced some of the knocks to the expansion and contraction of the registers, and a creaking door almost closing shut due to a train shaking the house (which rides the rails out back across the river.)

My time consisted of setting up shots for B roll, and also a lot of battery charging. It was an awesome feeling to know I was in a home with such a long history of ghostly sightings and crazy stories... And I was all by myself, with free reign over the entire home...  I loved it.

I shot a ton of footage over night, and was powered by extra large cans of Red Bull fueled ghost hunting. By 3 AM I was really beginning to drop in energy though, as you reach a point where even the energy drinks don't work. Red eyed and 4 AM I was faced with the knowledge of the longest drive home. I began packing, locked up and left. I arrived home late that day to a ton of notifications and passed out till 2 AM, waking to my best friend's message, "I think the ghosties got you." I had a chuckle over that one, thanks...

Immediately following, I loaded the footage to the Mac and began reviewing. After that I began cutting and crafting an episode from the many, many clips and long takes recorded in the investigation... The episode and trailer was cut in 3 days, which is a real record as there was so much footage to choose from. By 7 AM the day after a friend had even told me I made the news...

So did the night live up to the expectation? I know everyone is wondering what was caught that night, I will give one hint prior to the episode release on October 30th.... If you want to see a spirit in the episode, you definitely have to have eagle eyes and be QUICK, as I have always said most sightings take place between 2 to 3 frames of footage... You definitely MUST use your EAGLE EYES to SEE THIS... Oh, you ghosts are always so tricky.

News link provided below - Kenoraonline.com
Dark History Investigated Paranormal Activity at the Mather Walls House

Dark History Episode 2: The Mather Walls House

Dee McCullay - Dark History


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