Death Knocks, Sky Whispers & Violent Raps

Looking into my repertoire of stories and experiences....

     In July 2013, we were at a friends house and having some beer and some laughs. The music wasn't very loud and everyone was talking and being funny. The mood became weird as we heard the old shave and a haircut knocks at the back door.

     We all became quiet, and one of my friend's tells the homeowner, "Hey man someone's at the door." He goes and checks, "Nobody's there." Right away me and (we'll call him Mike) get up and look outside. I said it could't have been the trees, there just too far away and on the sides of the house." Mike says to me privately, "Uh-oh, I think that was meant for me." "What do you mean?" He says, "My dad is in Toronto and just had his heart surgery..... That was his knock, and I think something is going to happen."

     A short time later, I am guessing about 15 minutes had passed, we got the same distinct knock. Mike and I checked out the door and found no one there once again. We stood out on the back deck and he tells me, "I don't think my dad is going to make it." "Sorry dude, maybe you should call him." "I will tomorrow, it's too late tonight. But that was the way he always knocked..." Mike and I left a while later. About a week later I saw Mike's online status, "I love you dad, I miss you already :'(" He was absolutely correct. Just to put a wrap on the story up, another 2 weeks pass and I see one of my other friends on the street who was there that night, and he says to me, "You know those knocks that night?" "Yeah, that was strange." "It happened once more right after you guys left."

     It makes me wonder how these things happen. Is it the person's spirit temporarily leaving his body to warn of some impending tragedy? It was an omen yes, but where does this energy come from? Is it angelic? Is it other spirits? Was it Mike's subconscious psychokinetic energy manifesting into a physical burst of raps warning him of his father's death?

This story then, leads me into the next strange tale. In 1980 my father was out on the roof top laying down shingles, and from what he tells me he had visited her earlier that evening.

The roof where he was working (Back of the house)
     He came home and begun his work on the roof again, and he tells me he heard a loud drawn out whisper from the direction of the sky which said his name. He said it sounded like his mother's voice. He stopped for a second, thinking it was just his imagination and got back to work. A few minutes later the same thing, this time he put down his tools as he heard the phone ring inside the house. He took it as a bad phone call. Sure enough my mother comes out and tells him to "Come down, we have to get to the hospital, your mom is dying." He tells me, just as soon as they had entered her room, she closed her eyes. "It's like she knew I was there." The attending physician turned and told the family she's gone.

     Finally another story which I may have touched on in a prior posting were the violent window raps in my basement room. The house was built in 1923 and come to think of it, in 8 years it will be 100 years old! Anyway, laying there at night watching movies I would get loud violent raps on the window. I would go look through and find no one there. Soon I told my cousin of this, and it was like he didn't believe me... He was about to experience it for himself. We were watching movies at about 1:00 in the morning or so. Then a sudden, 'CLACK CLACK CLACK!' Immediately we sprang up and went to the window. "See I told you!" We opened the window within seconds and climbed out, split off in 2 directions and ran throughout the yard doused in streetlight. Nobody was ever found.

The window
     Such odd happenings in that house. Finally it happened one night where I was just falling asleep. The same violently loud 'CLACK CLACK CLACK!' I jumped from my bed and tripped on the Ab-roller in the doorway and fell scraping and gashing my elbows and hands on the cement floor. Coming up the stairway and already dripping in blood I told my mother about it and she came up with all manner of logical ideas. And then finally one night we were in the living room, directly above my bedroom, by this time it was Winter. As we watched TV, there it was! Bang Bang Bang on the window, muffled as we were upstairs. We looked out the window... Nothing but a -25 degree C winter's night, with snow flying all around. I got my jacket on and went outside to the window. Absolutely not one footprint.

I will always remember those terrible rappings..... Maybe it's the location, the home is situated almost directly below a tower line, which I believe spirits get their energy from the Mega Watts of power running through the lines.

The Tower Line
     Or maybe the prior inhabitants of the home, mostly family. Or maybe the land was sacred, and now disturbed with the building of many homes in the area. Or maybe my own Psychokinetic energy of youth causing the disturbance. All I know is the home is haunted and never a let down when walking through for EVP's, day & night. I would love to have ghost hunts at that place for the public as it is always surprising what is captured. And in my own haunted experience growing up in that house, there was always something stirring about.

Dee McCullay Dark History 2015


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