Dead Time

Do you wake in the middle of the night?

     Waking in the middle of the night during what some refer to as "Dead Time" or during the Witching Hour, typically ranging from 12 AM to 3 AM when the spirits are most active and the demonic mock the holy trinity. Hollywood Hokum really. Ghosts are active 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can experience waking during those hours nightly, not because a ghost is watching you, or because it wakes you, but because we all have a form of internal clock. In the same way we become programmed to wake for work at 6:30 AM and no longer need an alarm set, our internal clock wakes us. The same happens as you become conscious at night due to a dog barking or a loud car passing, our clock resets and we experience habitual waking at that time, within 5 minutes +/-. If you are a day sleeper, it is possible to experience the same effect.

     Hollywood ghost stories mention these times for creep effect. It is true spirits can become more apparent at night, and that is because we are programmed to be on our guard at night, and we tend to perceive the odd and unusual a lot more. We can thank our ancestors for these 2 ancient functions, which in fact helped preserve the human race.

     True, people do experience night hauntings and have seen a lot more phenomena at night, even I have, but truth is, they are with us all the time. Though night is the perfect setting to scare you, but occurrences do happen during the day as well, though most are not reported, but explained away as something quite normal or the mundane. We really are set up for wide eyed, defense as night falls. Test it. Your home, wait for night to fall, leave the lights on. Mark down everything you notice. The next night, same time, do not turn on the lights. Watch how much of a difference it makes, the dread, the sound, the creeps. Our bodies are reacting to the fall of night. It's natural and in our genetics. In the same way when we go to a movie, as the lights begin to go down, we are beginning to become emersed in an auditory, visual experience by design. Who watches a horror movie in the theatre with the lights on...? No one. The artificial nightfall by design heightens our senses to become aware of what may happen next.

     It is the same with noticing numbers, 11:11 everywhere. Our internal clocks really do know what time it is, though consciously we think, "I have no idea." We do, and then happen to look at the clock, DVD player, etc and think 'Oh my God, there it is again! That means something!' For example: In the same we we sense a sneeze 2 minutes before it happens... In the same way some people sense their own demise months beforehand...  Is it a sixth sense? That, honestly I do not know, however we all have it.

     For those experiencing true hauntings, they will experience a physical manifestation of the spirit in bodily form for attack, or effecting the haunt location. For those people night becomes a terror having to sleep with lights on and TV's blaring. Their energy level is depleted, their mind is running a thousand miles an hour, their senses heightened beyond belief, and the fight or flight response is ever ready to kick in. Night becomes a Dread Time. Just as one person can cause an entire crowd to panic, you will see it begin to spread from it's epicenter, the same is of a household where a haunting is taking place, one person's energy of panic can effect the other, and to the next until the whole house is filled with a powerful negative energy ready to bust loose at anytime, not just at night.

     However "Dead Time" is a human idea thought up by Hollywood and spread to the masses who believe it to be a reality. Ghost hunting during the day yields the same results as night does, and much clearer in regard to footage, however noise pollution may become a problem, hence ghost hunting at night. In night hunts we are left with grainy green images with way too much left to question. I still do it for Dark History's Series to make impact, or effect, but day time is my time, and am so much happier with the results rather than the night stuff. If I believed "Dead Time" to be real I would have stated it as truth, but it is not.

     So in closing, "Dead Time" is Hollywood Hysteria, originating in Horror Movies, and Theology... But in reality, our bodies truly are magnificent "Time Machines."

Dee McCullay - Dark History


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