Humored History

I went back and dug around, and found 2 of my original postings. I am as human as they come and I like to have a good laugh. It makes me very happy to see others entertained and having a good chuckle... Those who know me, know I like to be funny.

So here are 2 quick stories of mine I found...

Original posting dated: December 2, 2013

So last night I'm chilling' watching TV and I had my leg on the coffee table. It got uncomfortable so I moved it. After a while it got uncomfortable again so I moved it, then I moved it again. I finally sat straight up and got an itch. I felt these ridges on my leg. I looked and saw these "Deep Scratches", thinking OH GOD, NOW I'VE DONE IT! I'VE HUNTED TOO MANY GHOSTS! After about 5 minutes I realized it was from the edge of the coffee table. Ha ha, I scared the hell out of myself for nothing, lmao.

Original posting dated: March 6, 2014

Friends, you know I'll share my stupidest blunders with you... Well here's one from about 10 years ago... I went shopping for odds and ends in the morning and bought some useable stuff. Anyway, later on in the evening I was walking into the living room from the kitchen and i hear what sounded to me like a hiss! I thought It's a demon!!! I just about jumped 2 feet in the air. I screamed at it, "Get the hell out of here!!!" I jumped behind the doorframe and peeked slowly... There! I heard it again!! Finally a third time, I jumped into the living room, "Get the hell out of here!!!" I got hissed at again... By the Airwick Freshmatic!!! Ha ha ha...

Hope you enjoyed my stories...

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