The Visitation

It was Ukrainian Christmas....

John had married twice. The first wife died of Cancer, and the second wife had died. John lived a good portion of his life in this home with his wife, and then his second wife (Mary - Of Ukrainian descent) until she passed away, and decided to move out about 2 years later. At that age most don't sleep together, and was true of John and Mary who each had their own rooms. Mary had a certain arrangement which always remained in the same order, and was left enshrined after she passed away.

John handed the house keys over to the budding family of his grand-daughter Kelly.

The family was moved in and by now going about their daily routines. Bill had left for his weekly Hockey game (usually about 7:00 PM,) Dave (His son aged 3) was tucked into bed, and Kelly had just sat down at the Kitchen table after washing the dishes. It was Ukrainian Christmas, which is celebrated about January 6 - 19th...

Mary's room had never been touched after her death until THAT day... Even her clothing still collected dust in the closet. Kelly changed everything around. The bed, the dresser, the closet, including her cane (which always leaned in the corner.)

There was this mirror on the wall, Mary's old mirror, (which has a very odd description,) was circular and somehow had a depiction of the crucifixion and dark cloudy sky on it, was left in it's original place and was visible from the Kitchen. As Kelly sat, she happened to glance at the mirror and suddenly saw what "looked like white wool" pass by the reflection.

Instantly Kelly's hair stood on end and begun to freeze in shock. Mary appeared right beside her.
Immediately Kelly's shocked first response was a fantastic, "You're dead!"

Mary seemed to disregard that statement and scorned, "All my things... They're moved! Why?!"

Kelly replied, "They've been like that for years. I changed it around."

Oddly, Mary said, "There was a peace of paper in the dresser, I need it... Where is it?"

"Michael..." (Kelly's brother) "Went through it and threw all the paper in the garbage."

Mary vanished in a flash. Kelly frozen in disbelief at the paranormal transaction that occurred, sat transfixed in shock paralysis until Bill FINALLY arrived and told him the story.

The next morning Kelly moved everything to it's original placement.

This is a very odd story as relayed to me. I still to this day wonder what would a spirit need with a piece of paper, and what was contained on that piece of paper...? It's so weird, I'll never forget this story.

Dee McCullay - Dark History


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