This happened in 1997 or thereabouts:

I lived in an attached dwelling next to my parent's house at that time. It was around July from what I recall. The original house was built in 1923 and has had quite a long paranormal past. One morning I came in the house and my mother asked me what I was doing, coming in the house in the middle of the night. I said I don't do that. (I don't sleep walk.)  From what she told me, someone was coming in the house between 2 and 4 AM with what sounded like work boots. They would come through the front door, up the stairs, walk around the kitchen table and go back out. My next step, being already "into" the paranormal was to set up and capture this occurrence. I set up a minidisc recorder and a sony handycam, and wouldn't you know it...? I caught nothing. In fact the occurrence didn't happen ever again. I have noticed things tend to stop as soon as you try and catch them. Maybe it could be taken as a lesson: Experiencing a haunting? Try and capture it, it may just stop.

Dee McCullay - Dark History


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