Dreams of the Dead and Other Oddities

Dreams of the dead are quite common, but also very frightening... Here is a collection of short stories of mine and other people who have told me of theirs... I will continue to update, as I remember them.

One person I know said they lived in a certain apartment building, and had a recurring nightmare about a hanging man.  She couldn't stop herself from ascending to the top step where a man was hanging from the rafter. "His face was blue and his neck was stretched. His skin was ripped up to the ears." As she recalls. The dream always featured stopping at the top step and when she did he opened his bloodshot eyes and smiled at her. Finally she had told a tenant and friend about this dream, and was totally blown away to find out a man had hung himself in that very spot.

 When I was 10, I dreamt I slept at my grandmother's house. I awoke in the night and I remember rounding the corner in the dark hallway to the living room which then opened to the kitchen. In the dim light of the kitchen stood my grandmother at the sink. As I got closer,  she looked at me and said,  "Night time. That's when they come for you." - I knew immediately she was referring to the dead. I awoke and always remembered this dream.

I use to have this weird dream of paralysis. I would be sitting in the living room with my family. But I was sitting in a big armchair, and the family sat behind me for some reason. We were all watching TV. And when this certain music video came on I became instantly paralyzed and couldn't even yell to them for help. Eventually I'd struggle into waking. Very odd.

Another person tells me they had fallen asleep. And they awoke in the dream to see their father standing in the doorway with a brown cloak, resembling a potato sack material and holding a torch. "Come with us." He said. Terrified at seeing the long dead father, recoiled in fear, "No!" "Come with us, were waiting for you." He added. Suddenly other torches burst into light in the background. Dimly lit faces of other dead loved ones could be made out, standing behind him.  They began a procession out of the house and the dreamer was taken to a hill (watching from the sidelines,) as they ascended to a church in the moonlight, torches blazing. The dreamer awoke frightened and chilled to the core.

Another dream, this of a cat. For 3 nights she dreamt of a kitten who would jump off the bed, and as she reached for it in slow motion, her hand would pass right through. This little black kitten was her pet, and it was found dead on the third day, in the very spot it landed in the dream, in a pool of bile.

As she laid in bed beside her husband, a black sheet arose from the foot of the bed. It slowly made it's way past her legs and up to the chest. She couldn't move, she couldn't scream. Just laid there in terrified paralysis. She could only whisper for help to her husband, who slept motionless. Eventually she awoke and would always remember this dream.

I am not sure about this one. As a child I remember going to sleep and having a very vivid dream, though I am not sure where it was. I know I was in a bathroom digging in the medicine cabinet, and mixed a bunch of medicines together. I remember the smell was quite good, and drinking the potion. I remember it had a complexly horrid taste. I remember the sick feeling and getting worse. Not saying anything, I laid on the couch as I heard a siren outside. I woke up and have always looked back on this dream, among others. And to this day I believe in past lives.

It was 1962. At the age of 6, he dreamt he was in a city. There were people all over walking around quickly to and fro under dark smokey skies. He remembers asking a person where he was. The person replied, "You're in Geneva. Where are your parents?" He awoke and immediately told his parents, who were quite surprised to hear the story. They then showed him an encyclopedia with the city of Geneva.

I am not sure where to put this story, so I will add it here. There was a man who claimed he was in his kitchen one evening, when a bright green light flashed through his living room window. It began to pull him toward the window, and the only thing that stopped him from being sucked through, was holding onto the couch with all his might.

Another strange story, as I don't know where to put it, I will insist on adding it here. There was a man around here who saw what he claims was a cigar shaped UFO. And as he squinted to see the detail he saw windows on the side and people waving good bye. Is it possible it's what the Bible claims to be a chariot of fire? Who knows...

Dee McCullay - Dark History


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