Haunting Renovations: 10 Possibilites of What May Cause Ghostly Stirrings

Why would paranormal activity stir up when renovating a home?

I have heard so many stories of ghostly occurrences during renovations, and am in the middle of remodeling as well, and this has brought to mind the question of why it happens. As I sit here, several theories come to mind. Not necessarily proven fact, but worth thinking about. So I will compose a quick list and see how many I can come up with.


  1. CHANGING -  To have someone come in and start tearing apart the only home they know would be very upsetting.
  2. ENERGY -  During renovations, maybe you are actually changing the entire Feng Shui of the house. Or the energy from the renovator is high and easily drawn from.
  3. POWER -  Another possibility could be the power from the tools of the trade can be easily drawn from, compared to a power outlet itself.
  4. PORTALS -  Maybe by physically changing the home, portals are effected as well both by location and size.
  5. HISTORY -  Remodeling is another page in the history of the home, and also turning back the pages stirring up the past as you uncover previous designs.
  6.  ENTRAPMENT - Some spirits are "Trapped" and feel they can't escape. Possibly you are setting them free to roam from their enclosed spaces.
  7. RECORDING -  Just as you can record into the grooves of vinyl, foil, etc; the walls themselves have recorded voices and history into the grooves, be it drywall, stone etc; air flow and energy become the stylus as the home is regressed. 
  8. EMOTION - The emotion of the carpenter(s) may emotionally charge the spirit and cause their dramatic first interaction with people or location, which has held back for years, since their death.
  9. TRUTH -  Possibly you are onto something. Maybe a hidden treasure, or something of great sentimental value, or the truth is just about to be found within that wall, and they don't want you to know about it.
  10. CONFUSION - Changing the layout of the home could cause the spirit to become confused and cause resentment toward the people of the home, or the home itself, and result in a destructive outbreak.

Though none of these can ever be proven, I feel they may be of some significance to anyone who feels they have caused any recent stirs in paranormal activity during a renovation; and questions why it has happened. Hope this helps...

Dee McCullay - Dark History


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