Bill's Story

In an attempt to remember the story I was told years ago, I will make some changes to names and such, but keep as much to the original as possible. I heard this in 2002/ 2003, yet am not sure what year this had taken place...

     There was a man years ago who was an authority figure on a reservation somewhere up here in Canada, I wish I knew which one it was again. He knew a lot of folks personally as well as professionally. One night while on duty he came across Jim, a man he knew since childhood. But something was different this time. The man was inebriated and causing a ruckus outside his home, and when Bill came to see what the problem was he noticed the man's face looked different. He knew it was Jim, yet Jim was "off" looking, but couldn't put his finger on it.

     While Jim violently protested being taken away, he broke loose during the altercation pulling Bill's sidearm. Bill was thrown to the ground "like a rag doll." (Both Jim and Bill were average size from what I recall hearing.)

Bill yelled up to Jim, "What are you doing!?" Bill managed to scramble to his feet as Jim stood about 8 feet away. Bill tried to make out his face in the dull street light Jim said, "I am not Jim."

Bill concerned and anxiously replied, "Now Jim, whatever you are about to do please think about it." as Jim raised the pistol, safetied off and cocked it.

"Okay, ah, sir... Who are you then...?"

Suddenly Bills blood boiled in terror as Jim's face began to morph into someone he had never seen in his entire life.

The last words Bill heard were, "I'm the Devil."

'Puck puck puck.'

Bill woke up in the hospital, shot in the rib cage missing his heart, another further up and one in the shoulder.

     Day 3, Bill was doing well, wide awake, but in terrible pain. The doctor came in with the nurse and updated him on his condition and told him he will make a good recovery. Just then very tall 2 officer's walked in, removing their caps, they asked the doctor if they can have a word with Bill. Both the doctor and nurse left the room. They introduced themselves and updated Bill that Jim was taken away and in good hands. They wanted to know what exactly happened that night. Bill told them what happened, and of the strange facial morph, and their exchange, while one officer wrote down the story. Bill was asked to sign the book, and they left without word.

     Seconds later the doctor entered and asked, "There are some Officers here who would like to talk to you. Do you think you can?"

Bill thought this strange and said, "Yes I know, I just talked to them."

The doctor disagreed, and said "No, no one has come to see you yet today."

Bill replied, "There was just 2 of them, they asked you to leave the room."

The doctor stated, "I was just here, yes. But you have not received anybody today."

Bill strangely perplexed and not in a state to argue with the doctor, "Yeah... Okay. Send them in."

The officer's came in, introduced themselves and asked him the same questions. Bill mentioned the other officers who had just been there and asked the same questions. They told him there is no one on the force with those names. The strange thing he mentioned was their abnormally tall height, and their hair was blue.

What happened? Was it the medication causing a hallucination? Was it a dream? What was he signing? The little black book... Was it the devil's book? Who were these men? Were they demons...?

The officers insisted no one on the force has those names, or has their description. They ended the procedure by saying, Jim took his own life directly after shooting Bill...

Dee McCullay - Dark History


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