Morphing Beneath - The Witnessing of Suicide Spirits

Do you believe demons can change a human being's appearance?

The first story was Bill's story, the previous blog posting, found here:

I have 2 more stories about this, one person witnessed it, and I myself have seen it as well. A friend was at work in a local establishment, and began to notice an odd occurrence. A man was sitting there across the way and it seemed overtime he opened his mouth his face changed. When she looked, his face was normal again. But when not looking directly at the man, his face changed, and his mouth was big and black every time he opened his mouth to speak. She said there was like black smoke coming from his mouth. Weeks later, the man took his own life.

What are we speaking of here? I believe it was what I call a Suicide Spirit. These spirits slowly overtake, oppress and depress the person until they are convinced to kill themselves.

In a similar story, in which I had made mention of in an interview on in 2011. Herein, I will give the details of that story. I worked for the town cutting grass in fields and boulevards daily, and while cutting the grass one mild morning, I saw 2 kids I knew walking down the street. As they got closer I looked at one of them, and his face began to change the closer he got. I quickly did a double take in unbelief. Sure enough, I watched his skin bulge as the bone structure completely morphed beneath. What did it look like? It's skin color was normal, but everything moved around. It looked directly at me with it's black squinty eyes, wrinkled, and huge black mouth angled in a melancholy fashion. This was one of the strangest things I had seen in my life, this thing starred back at me as they walked past. I stood there shocked. It must have took a few minutes before I came to my senses and got back to work, but I thought about what I had seen all day.

Upon occasion, when I had mentioned this story, years later I was told Bill's story and the story of the man sitting across the way. I am not the only one, and am glad, in fact the interviewer had mentioned she had seen the exact same thing. Now here's what happened months later. That boy sadly committed suicide.

I see a pattern here and have eventually come to call these types of demonic, Suicide Spirits. When speaking of demons there definitely seems to be a hierarchy and a category to these things and what they do to people as well.

I know there are others out there reading this who have witnessed the same...

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