The Boy Who Wore Shoes

- This story was first relayed to me in 2009/ 2010 and again in 2016  -

He had been afflicted for years...

     The year was about 2002, in small town, Ontario. He had been afflicted for years. His parents took him to the doctors many, many times, but nothing could be done, other than keep treating him for his medical issue. His parents grew accustom to his problem, and reduced hospital visits to every 2 to 3 days depending on the severity. They knew the cause behind the issue, but were powerless in any attempts to stop it or reduce it. The doctors would not believe him.

     The boy hobbled around in pain every day of his life, from morning till night, to school and back with his cane. His friends liked him, but never really believed his story. One friend finally decided to stay over night and be a witness to what he had always stated. He told her he had to wear shoes to bed every night, and wrap his legs and feet tightly in the covers. She was about to witness why... He painfully took off his sneakers. His socks were blood stained and sticking to his feet like an old bandaid. At the painful revelation of is feet, they were scarred beyond belief.

As I have been told, she said his feet reminded her of "Bloody hamburger."

     The night came quickly and she fell asleep beside his bed watching a movie. The night passed, but early in the morning she woke up to his agonizing shrieks. "He's scratching me! Help!" She threw the blankets off, ran to the light and looked at him balled up in pain. Pulling his shoes off, his feet were being freshly sliced as the blood quickly surfaced and began to run. His parents were quickly there to hold him, and attested to her, how real and repetitive this occurrence was.

     To this day she affirms what she saw, also believes it attacked him when it saw the blankets were loosed. He told her later, "It felt like a cheese grader was being dragged across his feet." This demon would attack him every morning (in different degrees of severity) with it's scratching and clawing. He began to wear shoes even though his feet were still mauled... (In hopeless optimism.) His shoes "Made him feel safer."

I do not know what ever happened to this boy, or if the attacks are still happening... Hopefully they have subsided or stopped altogether.

She has not reconnected with him since those years.

Dee McCullay - Dark History


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