The Case of the Vanishing Vehicles

Now you see it, now you don't... What's up with the vanishing vehicles?

I have lived in Northern Ontario most of my life, I know the side roads in my area, traffic patterns are not crazy around here, which gives you much time to do as the driver's handbook says and check your rearview every 5 seconds or so... I have written about these mysterious incidents after their occurrence, and others have taken note of their own similar events as well. So what is behind these vanishing vehicles in Northern Ontario? Honestly I have no clue and can only speculate. The stories I have stem from 2005, 2012 to 2014. The first story which happened in 2005 was my first encounter with one of these vehicles.

     My friend and I were on our way back from a round of Golf, traveling in a separate vehicle, following my brother and father in the vehicle ahead. The scores (if you must know) were horrid on our end being hackers. I would describe it as this, so you can imagine it, and locals may know what area I am speaking of: Heading East from Hurkett, past Coughlin, as the highway turns left towards a fairly steep downhill grade, into a valley, there is only one side road on the righthand side before the grade. As my brother's vehicle (about 80 meters ahead of us) made the turn into the grade, out from the left-hand side (which is thick brush even today,) speared a little yellow Volkswagen. We had to hit the brakes, completely shocked and utterly mystified, the vehicle made a 90 degree turn onto the shoulder slinging dust and gravel into the dry summer air. We sped up to the vehicle now between our car and my brother, and each time could not make out the plates. The yellow Volkswagen then came out of the valley and passing my brother swiftly as they came up the hill. By the time we hit the top (where the road straightens,) the car was gone. We then caught up to my brother and passed him. Making concerned eye contact and shaking my head in a "did you see that!?" action, he looked at me as if nothing had happened. I couldn't wait to get home. I was waiting for him, as he pulled in the drive and got out. I said, "Did you see that?" He said, "See what?" Both me and my friend started explaining what happened, both he and my father looked at us like we were crazy and brushed it off.
What was it?

     I was driving to West, Thunder Bay one morning, I forget what for. The straight stretch by Bowker, (which locals will know) starts at a lefthand curve, and goes into a rock cut, into a very long straight stretch, double lane, and then into another curve to the right. During my time about quarter way through the stretch, I see this car in the rearview. Pretty far back. Gaging his speed, he was driving over the speed limit as he was gaining ground each time I checked. There were no others on this stretch at this time. Just me and him. There is one short side road in the middle of the stretch that leads into a field, we had once cleared hay from. And anyone pulling in must slow down and the vehicle would be visible from either direction. As I begin really taking note on the driver who will eventually overtake me and pass, I keep checking back and finally there was no one. I look at where the side road was in the rearview, and it's empty. Not a soul. There was the second vanishing vehicle which was logged in with the 2005 incident. And if you know me, I always treasure these stories and group them into my thoughts for future reference.

     I was pulling out from the Red Rock/ Lake Helen gas station and onto the highway with a friend. As we pulled up to the Stop, a white minivan was behind a Semi. (Some folks may remember reading this on the original Dark History Page as I wrote about it immediately.) As we waited for the 2 vehicles to pass, (there is no turn for them other than where I was waiting,) I could see the van one minute, then I checked the opposite direction and looked back, my friend looks up and says, "Where'd that van go?" I looked at her and said, "What the hell?" The van was NOT there. Both in amazement, scanning every direction, we pulled out eagle eyed, onto Highway 11 and saw nothing but the Semi and oncoming traffic. There was not one white van to be seen. So that was another one for the case. When I got home I wrote up the story. Later that night visiting my parents I told them the story. My father tells me he experienced something very similar as well last Monday morning. My father works far away and is a 3 hour drive to work, he has to get up at 4 AM and stays the week. He says he was on a straight stretch in the dark of morn, on a straight stretch which then would go into a curve. He was quite far off at the time, and as he approached he could see the effect of white light on the curve past the trees. As he approached he noticed it did not get brighter but remained the same. As he took note he could see what looked like oncoming headlights through the trees around the bend. He made the curve and was surprised to find nothing. He slowed and looked for a vehicle which would have been just pulling off onto the shoulder, and parked vehicles and side roads, but found absolutely nothing. He said there nobody there at all. In fact he said it was about 5 minutes before he saw a vehicle. Very strange.

     It was June and a friend and I were on a lonely backroad coming back from ghost hunting the bizarre "Troubled Waters Bridge" on the 45 road cut off, past Dorion. It was about 10:00 at night and darkness fell quickly. The ride is about an hour give or take due to the state of the road and driving in a car. Driving slowly with the high beams on, we noticed the treetops. As if another vehicle was coming. I switched to low beam and there was definitely something headed our way. The treetops were lit with white light as if someone was oncoming with high beams lit. We drove closer and closer, and even noticed what looked like a change in high to low beam, and then back again. Okay, there is definitely someone around this curve. Every curve and straight stretch was found vacant. In fact we did not see one person driving that road that night. Now when I say the treetops were lit, it started out dull and got brighter and brighter until there was absolutely no question, we were about to meet someone... Which never happened. That was the last time (to this point) I noticed what could be categorized as a vanishing vehicle.

     Currently I am always scanning the roads waiting for the next encounter. It's 2016 and haven't spotted one since 2014. This is and has always been something I have kept logged in my years of weird stories. In my area of the world, you don't just come out and say this kind of stuff publicly, as you'd look crazy and be the odd man out. But I could care less, and am certainly not afraid to admit my stories and strange occurrences, and have often told others not to be afraid to be different. In any case, you would have great stories to entertain people with. As far as the case of vanishing vehicles... What can I say. Have we seen ghost cars? Haunted Highways? Have we found momentary portals? Wormholes? Vehicles driven by Men in Black? Do a Google search, a Youtube search. Look up Dan Aykroyd as well, who admits to seeing this oddity as well. The best evidence I have seen to date, was the police footage of the ghost car chase, I would think to be real, but have never checked into whether it was or not. I would hope some current footage comes up, with all the dash camers out there recording of this strange mystery.

In closing, if you're out there driving, be safe and check your rearview, but also take note. Keep your eyes peeled... You may just become a witness to vanishing vehicles as well.

Dee McCullay - Dark History


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