Making the decision...

     When becoming interested in the paranormal, the thought is always there to try and simply capture an EVP. Some do it on the first try, some get 'em after several attempts, some not at all. But when the decision turns to action, a first barrier into the realm of the spirit is breached. After the door is opened, you may experience all manner of phenomena.

     Delving into EVP capture may lead to scary recordings and keep you up at night, because of things you heard, but as you become use to them, I am reminded of a recording I caught years ago saying, "Fear not the dead." So when the conscious decision turns to action, be advised the door is open and there is no way to really close it. Some make their presence well known, some just can not, as the learning curve is steep for some spirits. Others learn almost immediately how to use their spiritual bodies in ways to manipulate the physical world. Is this a warning? It's not a warning per say, but more of an advisory as hauntings may become much more apparent and increase in severity as time wears on.

     Historically in my account, I have lived with this stuff all through childhood and into adulthood, and only one time an EVP scared me. Story is, I was sitting in the cemetery recording after my uncle died, I had headphones on, and the faintest sounds caught my attention. I attenuated and focused into that one sound, and it became apparent (sitting about 60 feet away from his fresh grave) my uncle's voice murmuring incoherently. It struck me to the core, and I left. No matter how hard I tried to bring up the recording, I could not hear it in playback. But I know what I heard. That night I slept with the lights on LOL.

     When you begin to get into recording, your decision is made, and the door is opened. You are no longer alone, as they know you're seeking them, and he who seeks finds. And on their end, they are seeking you as well, as they now know...

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