Fallacious Movie - Updated June 17

Hello folks!

It has been quite a while, as some of you know I have been busy working on a movie, as paranormal/ film making are my two loves. I have worked my fingers to the bone in writing, pre-production, shooting and post production. Now that the movie is finished, it is available for review by horror movie reviewers as it lies in wait to be submitted for film festivals. Eventually it will have a public release available to everyone...

*Please don't be surprised to see it in your newsfeed's as a movie MUST be promoted in order to gain exposure.

I would like to take this time to share our first review of Fallacious - written by Rita Scott of The Crypt Radio Show.  It has been called "Dark creepy and gruesome!" So definitely check out all the links provided. Thank you!

Here is the link to the first review.
Fallacious Review

Also Here is our Facebook Page for those of you interested in all the pre-production aspect and post production, as well as Behind The Scenes Photo's and short vids.

Facebook - Fallacious Page

I am including the Trailer as well, and you can see it here
Fallacious Trailer

Here is the link to the UKHorrorscene Review

Here is the link to Horror Italy's Review:

Our Teaser Trailer:

Movie Pilot Write up:

Currently I am finishing up the Final Draft of Fallacious II and am readying the pre-production with Cast and Crew.

Dee McCullay - Producer/ Director

Dee McCullay Dark History


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