Border Patrol - Walking the Line Between Real Life and Zombie Apocalypse

Following swiftly on the heels of Fallacious, Dee has banded together with fellow Reject International member Andrea Van Scoyoc, BohemianCelt writer of the fan favorite Border Patrol  (written 2011) and created a memorable masterpiece of Blood and Borders in this zombie-esque apocalyptic style film. The film stars fellow Reject International member Kyle Turner, Xombie (Fallacious) & Stanley Alto, better71man.

Border Patrol (2016)
Alvin and Ray are stationed at a remote outpost known as Z Bravo 45. Their mission is to guard "The Wall" against invasive species. Just what these invasive species are remains a mystery until the very last reel. Armed with 1 rifle and a pair of binoculars, the duo maintains the border with both resilience and focus, as this is their day to day employment. Ray, (Stanley Alto) is a little newer to the job, questioning and wanting more action, while Alvin (Kyle Turner) holding senior position is a little more cut and dried with a "let's just get it done and go home." style attitude.

It comes into question who are the real zombies here, the deadly force atop the tower, or those in the woods attempting to cross. With a quote from Ray, "They're all dead, and were still here." we are made to feel there is some serious catastrophic carnage that has happened... Or was there. How long have this set of guards been here? Alvin is obviously been drained and Ray wants action.

Stanley Alto as Ray
As we come to an end of another long shift on The Wall, Alvin is well aware of the relief crew coming for change up, and can't wait to leave. A day of sporadic sightings and shootings will give way to night, and choppers flashing spotlights onto the forest floor. It really is just another shift on the Border between Z Bravo 45 and Z Charlie 45.

Kyle Turner as Alvin
The film also features Anne Marie Cartwright, Steven Cartwright, Kimberly Simmons (Scars - Crew) and James McCauley (Fallacious.) The film definitely shocks and throws audiences for a loop, we have seen quite rave reviews on the project, and also parallels mentioned by audiences, when borders have been discussed on an international level, but in no way has any bearing on the film, just perfect timing.

Alvin and Ray atop the Guard Tower
The film featured VFX so realistic, authorities were called to visit film maker Dee McCullay. Though it was found that trespassing the location was unfounded, but remains as a footnote in our film history. In fact these VFX shots and background plates were released by Thunderstryker Films as an example of how to fake location, and fake it well. Dee McCullay has had years of practice in this field, and has received much acclaim for his VFX work.

Kyle Turner Gunning Down Invasive Species
"I would never trespass for a film, especially a short film." - Dee McCullay
 The film maker has been in many reviews, articles and podcasts covering the film and achievement in the industry, and works in record time on low to what is considered zero budget. The films are a testament to his determination and skill as film reviewers have stated. Also worth mentioning is that Dee McCullay should be working for Crypt TV (of which his work still goes un-noticed,) and for an anthology film such as The ABC's of Death.
"My plan from day 1, was to make free tourism videos and get my name out there - and eventually get noticed for my film works and hopefully get on a short list of wanted Directors." - Dee McCullay
As another footnote, the film was previously shot with a different actor as Ray, but re-casted with Stanley Alto. The film was shot in the course of 4 hours and cut in a further 18 hours into what is seen today. It was released November 24, 2016.

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Border Patrol Teaser Trailer

Currently the film is sent in to multiple Film Festivals, and awaiting reply.

Dee McCullay - Film Maker
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