Scars: Cutting Deep Into the Human Psyche

2016 has seen it's share of blood spilled from Indie Director - Producer DeeMcCullay , whether in the Halloween horror flick Fallacious, or in the end of days, apocalyptic outpost shootings of Border Patrol, a chill runs down your spine like a drop of cold water when not expected. We delve into the third film, swiftly following their release, named Scars.

Scars Updated Laurels
Originally written by Reject International member & dark horror writer Dave Dubose under the original name A Solution to Sadness. Together Terror Brothers created a memorable masterpiece of malice, with an even heavier understory only hinted at in the film. One must watch the film repeatedly and understand how deep the cuts really go. Faith Beckett lives alone. Failed relationships and life beating her down on every level has put her in a place she doesn't want to be. Let alone she suffers from deep depression, she is in a long tunnel of pain and hurt she can't seem to get out of; she is a cutter, the only release from the battle she is facing on a 24 hour basis.

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The apartment lies empty except for some knives and a scant amount of food to sustain her. Her hope is dashed on the rocks of dating disaster when Mike tells her to basically fuck off. Used by Mike, and now stood up on date night, she goes home only to find she is about to get another slap in the face, another step further into personal hell in the form of a Christmas present. A 15 day eviction leaving her on the street, as we see, she has sold everything in her apartment already, she has no money for a new apartment. What's a girl to do? The prospect of prostitution enters her mind, but it's something she is not willing to do.

Kate Sutton as Faith Beckett
It's a tragic story of layer after layer of beat down. The looming prospect of street life doesn't look too enticing as she stares at the eviction in tears. The pain in her expression is clearly seen, more so now with flashes of what to do. Remember that broken beer bottle from last time? Go ahead, let's make some tracks. Is there no relief for Faith? Is there really no faith for relief? The knife on the counter may offer a solution to sadness. Just as she takes the knife for a small slice of relief, she decides to put it to her wrist, where suddenly she is taken by surprise. Someone is in her house, someone we have seen before in the restaurant, but someone Faith hadn't in her onset of hell. Behind locked door, we are left confused, and so is Faith... How did this person get in? We soon learn this is not a person but a guardian, who has been there every time, and has stopped her from dying on multiple occasions. Why? The guardian has a message of hope, but is simply cut off by a sinister presence entering the picture, something that wants to tempt her and drag her to hell...

Lance Lynch as Vincent
In it's 6:58 runtime, it's quite a tragic poem with all levels of intensity and emotion, giving us a glimpse into the human psyche. We learn cut yourself one more time, the last cut is the deepest, put the knife down. We also learn the dark entity will arm her with the blade once more and offer her a way out out of all this disaster and hurt. Definitely worth noting is friend and colleague John Shelton had echoed the wrist cutting scene with his impactful short on Suicide Awareness Dark Clouds - video seen here: John Shelton: Dark Clouds (2017)

"Writing Scars was an amazing experience in it's own. Then to see some of my ideas brought to life really brought justice to my own personal fears. I'm really proud of the way it turned out." - Dave Dubose
Kate Sutton as Faith Beckett
Our film stars first time actor and Reject International member Kate Sutton, also other first timers on the scene Kelly Warder of Kellyshade SFX as Christian, and Lance Lynch (Fallacious Lighting Tech) as the formidable Vincent, named after one of Dave Dubose's favorite actors - Vincent Price. The crew featured our ever present Script Supervisor/ BTS photographer Jennifer Belisle (Fallacious & Border Patrol) along with the mind-blowing Reject International make-up FX artist Dawnmarie LDawnmarie L SFX Artist. Also audio recordist Kaiya Warder and Lighting Tech Kimberly Simmons giving the film it's stark contrast of opposition. The film was shot in the span of 4 hours and was quite a feat under the circumstances of cast drop off and recasting the talent we see in the film today. The film is quite an accomplishment, and has been submitted into film festivals worldwide. Currently the film is a nominee in the iHorrorAwards 2017 and an official selection of the Stormy Weather Horror Fest.

"Scars has definitely made it further than I had imagined, as a film maker you don't know what you have until it's received by audiences. Receiving such great reviews by critics and actually getting into film fests has been a dream come true as I didn't know how far we could go. The sky is the limit!" - Dee McCullay
Kelly Warder as Christian
Much of the cast and crew of Scars have re-assembled for our next Terror Brothers film In Pieces, and it's great to keep reuniting with people we know so well. Thunderstryker Films and Reject International is like a family; we find talent and we use that talent to the greatest effect. Scars was released December 27, 2016.

The Tragedy of Faith Beckett
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