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After 2016's release of Fallacious, I started getting interview requests for Podcasts! It's been quite a while since I been on any, not since 2014/15 actually. So now that I've caught up with the blog I think it's a good idea to drop all the podcasts onto one page. Below you will find podcasts from TN Horror News, Yvonne Mason's Off The ChainBlack Cats Shadow Podcast , and DNGN Radio. All of which were so fun to be on, and I can't wait to do more with them! I am including my 2016 Reel as well. I hope you enjoy!

Dee McCullay 2016 Trailer Reel


Border Patrol


Dee McCullay - DNGN Radio Sopt

DNGN Radio - 2 Interviews Originally aired here 02/01/17 & 02/15/17 - Films of Fears

Black Cats Shadow Podcast - Interview with Dave Dubose and Dee McCullay (Scars)

Off The Chain with Yvonne Mason - Interview with Film Maker Dee McCullay

TN Horror News: The Horror Basement - Commentary (Fallacious & Border Patrol) with Dee McCullay

TN Horror News: The Horror Basement - Interview with Dave Dubose & Dee McCullay

Dee McCullay - Film Maker
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