Grind House/ Retro Horror Blood for Mother

Hey folks, been a while since I wrote. Been busy lately. I have decided to make a string of Grind House / Retro Horror trailers throughout this year. Today we finished our first called Blood for Mother. It was really a fun time!

Blood For Mother - ©2017 Reject International
So I put a post on Facebook asking if anyone out there wants to make a horror trailer with me. There wasn't a ton of responses, but the ones who did answer back really came through. It took about 2 hours of shooting, with about 18 minutes of footage to sort through. I was really really impressed with how it all started coming together in the cut. We didn't use a script. We just made up what to do on the fly. And to be honest, this really has a retro Grind House vibe to it thats undeniable. Those who have seen it on Twitter and Facebook loved it.
"I believe horror is going old school with it's style, and it wont be long before we see more horror movies in theaters with the 70's look and feel. There is a huge audience for that sort of thing." ~ Dee McCullay

Here is our trailer! Check it out!

Here are some photo's from the shoot you may also enjoy looking at. The mask was a basic one with a little primer spray painted around the eyes, as at the last minute...  I needed the killer to have some sort of creepy ambiguity, even though we knew who it was. During shooting all I was requested was absolute cheese, and we nailed it with cheeseburgers and a whole cheese factory.

BTS - Jenny and kids on their way to camp.
BTS - Taylor Belisle-Crider (Fallacious) cloaked

BTS - Bernie, our resident burn victim 
BTS - Burning Jenny
BTS - Costuming Taylor Belisle-Crider (Fallacious)
BTS - Taylor Belisle-Crider ready to get Blood for Mother

BTS - Bloody Axe

BTS - Riley and Director Dee - Got what was coming to them
BTS - Riley Not enough blood
BTS - Selfie time
And on that note, watch where you camp. There are too many campfire stories featuring backwoods murderers and loonies watching from the woods. Fortunately these campers survived. Or did they?

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