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Round about 2011, when I was producing Thunder Bay Paranormal Society for SHAW TV,  I was on the lookout for paranormal hotspots around the Thunder Bay area. Among a host of haunted places listed on the net, one really stood out. THE MCKENZIE INN - People have checked in over the years and reported to staff the occurrences over night, thinking it was staff making noise, but quickly finding out the Inn has a paranormal history. From memory I believe the Inn was said to be built about 1911 or so (I'll correct this if I find out it is wrong.) Paranormal encounters and experiences have increased recently in the last few years with the popularity of Ghost Hunting shows and people becoming more open to the possibility of the paranormal. It's no secret Dee McCullay has had many experiences pushing him into the paranormal and onto International TV, but it's just these sort of occurrences that Dee hears about from others and hunts down. Whether using EVP, SRC or video, it makes for an entertaining show to watch, but being there is something quite different. The McKenzie Inn definitely had some surprises in store for Dark History Episode 3...

The McKenzie Inn 1788 Lakeshore Drive Shuniah Twp - Thunder Bay, ON - Dark History Episode 3 Screenshot

In 2011 during production and location scouting for Thunder Bay Paranormal Society I dropped in and introduced myself and to ask about claims as to whether the folks on the internet were correct. According to the staff at the time, they corroborated the stories, but an investigation for TV was not an option at the time. Claims were glasses sliding off the shelf in the bar area, footsteps in one of the rooms, the piano playing by itself, and the sound of the front entrance being unlocked loudly, the doors opening and slamming shut. From there the sound of (what was described as) a party going on and a bunch of people climbing the stairs to the rooms at about 4 AM.

MacKenzie River Dark History Episode 3 Screenshot

Also the story of finding an old birthing room. Added to all this was the new highway being constructed behind the Mack, where construction in the area had stopped due to finding Native artifacts. I had also heard a Native burial ground. After the production I checked it out, but only artifacts were recovered, no bones were found, so I made sure to add that fact into the episode. However some of the folks at the McKenzie said, after 9,000 years, if there were bones maybe they had simply decomposed after such a length of time, and a burial ground is still a possibility. So it definitely had an air of burial haunt mystery to it. Along with that during highway construction a man lost his life as his boom lift had fallen into the gorge during bridge construction across the MacKenzie River.

Dark History Screamer

July 17, 2017 I received a message from Angie Marshall (GM) asking Dark History to come (as an exclusive first) to investigate the paranormal claims at the McKenzie! I was floored! It had been on my bucket list for 6 years, and I never believed I'd ever have the chance to investigate! So cross that off my bucket list, cause August 1, hot and humid during a heat advisory, Dee- along with buddy Kyle (Thrown knee deep into his first paranormal investigation) came to check out the Mack.

Dee McCullay Dark History Episode 3 Screenshot

Kyle Turner Dark History Episode 3 Screenshot

We spent from 9:30 PM to 6:30 at the location. Generally you don't know what you got till you review footage. But the events of that night were in your face plain and simple. The spirits inhabiting the McKenzie were not shy to show what they got.

Public Screenings beginning Sunday October 1 thru the month of October

As I write this, I can't give any details of the resulting investigation, being that our first public screening of the episode is being held in a few days, on Sunday October 1, 2017 at 9:30 PM, with screenings running throughout the month of October.

Dark History Episode 3 Trailer: The McKenzie Inn

With that being said, if you are reading this and in the area, this is definitely a DO NOT MISS Event! We've all heard the paranormal stories of the Inn (if you live here,) now is the chance to be the first to  see what we caught before it is released. Come experience the McKenzie Inn yourself and watch the episode with me, Kyle and the whole McKenzie crew!

Photo with friends at the Mack!

Dee & Friends enjoying the scary fun!
See you there!

Our second public screening is on it's way!

Dee & Tanya pose for some selfies

Dee, Tanya & the wonderful Angie Marshall 

Gathering folks up for a GHOST TOUR
You're invited to our next screening of Dark History Episode 3 - The McKenzie Inn Located at 1788 Lakeshore Drive Shuniah Twp - Thunder Bay, ON on Sunday October 15, 2017 at 9:30 PM - Come and see what all the buzz is about! See you there!

Dark History Event Poster - Screening every Sunday throughout October
With my friends from the Mystic Garden

WATCH Dee with Darby & Carlee at The McKenzie Inn - LIVE Pre-Screening

October 22 Public Screening
Update: I was asked to come back to the Inn, and stayed from October 4 - 6th to collect any more activity on the premises. The new captures will be added into our SPECIAL HALLOWEEN EDITION which will begin screenings October 29, 30 & 31st.

A quick shot following our episode as we head for our GHOST TOUR

Special Halloween Edition of Dark History Episode 3

Dark History Promo Ad (Halloween Edition)

Kyle & friends after Dark History's Special Halloween Edition on our way for the Ghost Tour
Our brave little ghost crew October 30 - We had fun!
Dee with Angie and James on our final night at the McKenzie Inn

Watch Dark History Episode 3: The McKenzie Inn 

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