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Hey Horror Hounds! It's been a while! Those not connected to my public Facebook or Twitter will not have known what we've been doing lately. What shall I say? We at Dee McCullay - Dark History have been busy!

©2017 SHOCK Horror Photography

This year, our horror films have been put in the background as we've focused on Photography. Paranormal productions for 2017 were Sasquatch on Lake Superior: A Documentary, and Dark History Episode 3: The McKenzie Inn, as well as a few Grindhouse trailers such as Blood for Mother and Alpacalypse. All viewable on YouTube.

As a VFX person and Photoshopper, I've sharpened my childhood Make-Up FX skills along with Dee McCullay - Dark History/ Thunderstryker Films promoter, model, Make-Up FX person, etc etc etc Jenny Belisle, who has graciously given up her Summer creating these awesome looks. We are very proud of our creations, including models, and historical reconstructions of old black and white murder scenes. Todd Dampier has been a great asset to SHOCK Horror Photography taking BTS stills and video. We've had great success in entertaining our audiences over the Summer with LIVE & Make-up FX video's.

As a brand, Dee McCullay has carved a niche into Horror and the Paranormal over the years, so I've felt that taking a break from film was a good idea, and it has definitely helped gain some edge on my Make-up FX skills for further productions, and my branding SHOCK Horror Photography has gained many new horror fans.

SHOCK Horror Photography was an idea I came up with in early July as a great way promote horror to new people, as we found SHOCK Models from the area who Thunderstryker Films has never worked with before, as well as some of our longtime friends. Our first was entitled Chainsaw, and was shared by Dee McCullay - Dark History friends at Tom Holland's Terror Time. Since then we've gained momentum and a lot more fans of our work. In the last month we've pushed 2 shoots a week as I wanted a series to be made up of 12 photos.

Each photo is High Resolution, and High Quality an the gore is very detailed. It isn't uncommon for our SHOCK models to sit an hour to 3 hours in the make up chair. As far as blood is concerned, Kyle Turner held the record on Fallacious for laying in cold blood for 45 minutes. Since SHOCK horror started Jenny holds the new record at 1 hour 10 minutes, as she was faithfully reconstructed, or should I say deconstructed, into Mary Kelly - Jack the Ripper's last canonical victim. That photo took 3 - 8 hour days of photoshop to recreate. Some of our photo's have up to 30 elements layered in to create the backgrounds and looks needed. The work here represents a great many hours of time and focus to achieve the final product.

So without further ado, here is Summer 2017's Series of SHOCK Horror Photography.

Chainsaw @2017 Dee McCullay SHOCK Horror Photography

13 Miller's Court ©2017 Dee McCullay SHOCK Horror Photography

Hunting Shack ©2017 Dee McCullay SHOCK Horror Photography

Bucksaw Scavenger ©2017 Dee McCullay SHOCK Horror Photography

Malice Alice ©2017 Dee McCullay SHOCK Horror Photography

The Black Dahlia ©2017 Dee McCullay SHOCK Horror Photography

Zombie Bite ©2017 Dee McCullay SHOCK Horror Photography

Girl in the Woods ©2017 Dee McCullay SHOCK Horror Photography

Ed Gein ©2017 Dee McCullay SHOCK Horror Photography

Stitches ©2017 Dee McCullay SHOCK Horror Photography

Body Dump ©2017 Dee McCullay SHOCK Horror Photography

Karver Cadaver ©2017 Dee McCullay SHOCK Horror Photography

So Summer 2017 has been a blast! Had a lot of fun, met new people, expanded our brand and gained some new skills! I will miss doing these horror shoots, but we'll be back in 2018 with another 12 in the series! As of October 1 - 31st our next project will be Zombified, where Dee and Jenny will be caking on rot and gore to both children and adults, and making prints for Halloween to our clients! The fun never ends at Dee McCullay Dark History!

Watch How we achieved this look! 

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