7 Tracks to Get Your Next Halloween Party Moving

Ghoulies, Goblins and Ghosts oh my! Yes it's that time of year again where the neighborhood ghosts and ghouls come to haunt your front door. With the smell of pumpkin spice in the air and the colors of fall presenting a dazzling display of foliage, there's nothing quite like the Halloween season. If you're getting your tilt on this Halloween and planing a great costume party for those costumed adults, some classic music might be in order to get your ghoulish guests in the mood. There are a lot of Halloween themed songs, but these are my picks for your next party. I wanted to do a top 5 but ended up making a list of 7 songs no Halloween party can do without.

Number 7: John Carpenter's Halloween Theme. As soon as the song travels through the speaker one can't help but think of seeing the Shape Michael Myers stalking baby sitters and coming across the street to your place. Lock your doors and your windows up tight cause this song is a killer track guaranteed to draw those neighborhood stalkers. They don;t call him the Boogey Man for nothing.

Number 6: Bobby "Borris" Pickett's Monster Mash. The classic from 1962 has an air of Halloween built into it's sound not just the lyrics. Written from the point of view Dr. frankenstein this song will get your monster party mashing to the beat.

Number 5: Rob Zombie's Living Dead Girl. This track evokes images of zombies in misty graveyards and castles enveloped by the full moon. Set to a nicely paced beat Rob Zombie presents some creepy lyrics to infiltrate your partier's ears. A definite song to wake the dead and rock the party and loosen those mummy wraps from the hotties.

Number 4: The Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear the Reaper. A timeless song that gets into your soul and pulls those fears of death to the surface. The song was also featured in John Carpenter's Halloween when Laurie and Annie were driving over to babysit.

Number 3: Danny Elfman's This Is Halloween. Such a great track from everybody's favorite movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. The song brings to mind all of Tim Burton's Halloween imagery like Pumpkin King Jack being pulled on a wicker horse, and the thing hiding under your stairs. This song will definitely get whatever's under your stairs to come out and join the party.

Number 2: Ray Parker Jr's Ghostbusters. A great over all party track, has the energy of the movie a great beat and Ray Parker Jr's smooth and cool tone telling the Haunted who to call. The movie would have been great without this song, but the song just amps the movie 10 times higher. This classic should be included in every Halloween party line-up.

Number 1: Michael Jackson's Thriller. Starting out with a door creaking open and footsteps, Michael Jackson sets the tone as wolves howl and a rising keyboard begins to bring the dead to life as the horn drops. The songs BPM is perfect for the dance floor, and Jackson's lyrics tell the story of fighting for your life as all things evil come for you. Also worthy of note is Vincent Price dropping rhymes about the dead resurrection about to happen. A funky song and all the more cool to have Vincent Price in it.

I hope you've enjoyed my choices and be sure to have all these tracks in your line-up for your next Halloween party! Don't pour too much RedRum!

~ Dee


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