Dee McCullay Announces Sasquatch on Lake Superior II

My friends at TBNews Watch have put up my interview follow up, about Sasquatch on Lake Superior. You can check it out here below. And yes an announcement was made during that interview that I will be gathering together more encounters for Sasquatch on Lake Superior Volume II, coming next Spring. Looking for stories coming from Thunder Bay arcing around the lake to Wawa. Currently I have 3 en cue, need a few more. So send in those encounters! Check out the interview link below.

TB News Watch: Documentary Explores Sasquatch Sightings in NW Ontario

Just dropped our first Teaser Poster

Sasquatch on Lake Superior Volume II Coming 2018

TBT News

Sasquatch on Lake Superior II - Trailer Call for Submissions

Dee McCullay Producer/ Director
Send in those stories from Northwestern Ontario - Lake Superior TBay - Wawa
Dee McCullay - Dark History


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