New Home Horror - 5 Reasons Your New Home is Haunted

So you bought a new home... Great!

You move in and everything is going well, but soon after you begin to notice things gone missing, insect infestations, knocks and scrapes, creepiness, footsteps and voices... What is happening? You may have just purchased a haunted house. Wait up, it's brand new. That may be, however the land your home is built on is ancient, with an unknown past or even a dark history. Here are 5 reasons why your brand new home is haunted.

1. They follow and it's not on Twitter. You may well have had a paranormal past walk through the door and make your home theirs. If you've experienced a haunting in another home some spirits are not locked to a location but rather can stalk you no matter how far you go. Some spirits do have the ability to attach themselves to you, even from childhood. That imaginary friend who use to talk to you may have been a ghost. That monster under your bed may have been the thing on top of you in your nightmares. Some spirits stalk you like the lyrics of that song: "Every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take, I'll be watching you, every single day, every word you say, every game you play, every night you stay,  I'll be watching you" etc, etc. Every lyric to that hauntingly beautiful song can be a nightmare for those with a paranormal past.

2. Cursed land. Another reason can be a battle over the land in old times left the winning side with a poisonous land they fought so hard for. Bitter waters may have flowed right under your house, soured ground maybe the foundation of your new home. Bad blood and evil words may have been passed on to the winners of the settlement, and from generation to generation have only found they lived on bad lands. It may have looked like a beautiful place to build homes on, but there is a reason no one has ever stayed, and everyone who has, has lost their homes due to fire and destruction, and left, or died.

3. Murder. Perhaps the land has had a murder or mass murder take place on it, and the victim's blood cries out from the ground.  Some spirits will not rest until their blood is avenged, and they ravage a home with hints and try to get the homeowners attention, and if no one pays attention to them, like a child only grow louder. Pay attention to your new home and what it seems to be saying to you. Maybe when you drove past the home, subconsciously you felt it watching you, or even calling you, and for some reason you responded with a happy, "That's it!" And now that you have made your move, the spirit would like to lead you to it's sad resting place.

4. Occult practice may have been a regular occurrence. Satanic rituals, murderistic ceremonies, hell's gates may have been opened, etc etc, with the sole purpose to please the dark one, or to achieve great power over the enemy, or world. Perhaps dark symbols were carved into the very rocks beneath the earth or around the property, which have sunk into the ground unknown to the homeowner. And now the home is full of dark presences and a heavy atmosphere is upon the home just waiting for it's inhabitants to feel the oppressed energy overcome them.

5. Perhaps the most well known reason, made popular by Hollywood, (and is quite true by the way) is the home or homes are built on an ancient native american burial ground. I asked a friend why you can build a home on a white man's burial place and not get a haunting, but build one an a native american burial ground and get a massive haunting. His response was, it's because the european settlers came with everything they needed to settle the land, but the natives were part of the earth, and belong to it. Raised to live off the land from ancient times, all their energy used to survive from their surroundings. They are one with the land.  So the new home on which you live may have many ancient burials beneath it, and the sacred land disturbed and landscaped to suit the appeal of a buyer. True the constructors may not have known about the burial ground, but the homeowners do.

What then shall be done in these cases? Do you stick or move? It's a very hard decision for the amount of money a new home goes for these days.

Dee McCullay - Dark History


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