Beware the Maymaygwayshi (The Little People)

Hi friends! A short write up on the Maymaygwayshi of Lake Superior!

I had heard of these creatures before and made mention of them in another write-up, but recently came across a little more info on them fro an old TV show from the 80's called Spirit Bay. I took note and am sharing this information with you now.

The Maymaygwayshi: Pronounced Mah-May-Gwa-See - as I've heard it said on the TV show, are little people. According to native lore, live in the rocks and caverns on Lake Superior, and are said to travel in rock canoes. I believe this to mean when the water drops somewhat, the jutting rocks are exposed where they had previously not been noticed, and can damage craft passing through. According to tradition, they are to be respected, and when going on the lake, one must give a gift to the deep out of respect for them.

Lake Superior
They are known as tricksters. They can cause all sorts of mishaps and bad luck to occur if not respected and given a gift. From accidents on land to drownings by all manner of mishaps could happen if one does not respect them and make jokes. They are said to stand about 3 feet tall (I know, the opposite of Sasquatch right?) and are hairy from head to toe. They have sharp teeth and horns. They are said if not respected are able to tear one limb from limb. One might scoff and laugh at the idea, as is the usually when these cryptozoological paranormal legends are spoken of, but I think one must respect the native teachings and lore, just as much as any other teaching and story. I think if one is put into a situation where they are tangled in a net after scoffing at the story, they would change their mind pretty quick. However, if one chooses to make things right, must make a journey to one of their caves and leave a gift. A special gift, something that hurts to lose. This is the only thing to appease them and make things right.

I just wonder, out of all the drownings that have taken place over the centuries, and not alcohol related, or out of suspicious circumstances, how many were the cause of the Maymaygwayshi...?

In speaking to one man, he says he had heard of the little people inhabiting Jackfish Island on Lake Nipigon. He also said at one point he was visiting the island when he heard voices on the island. The island was former home to many indigenous people where the majority died of TB, and the rest had moved to the mainland. There are only 2 camps on the island. The man could not determine where these voices were coming from and believes it to have been the little people.

Also on Lake Nipigon around the Rocky Bay area one man said he knows of a cave where the little people were said to have inhabited. There are ancient drawings on the wall beside the cave, and during years with low water levels one can actually enter the cave, but most do not out of respect for the mystifying creatures of legend.


Dee McCullay


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