McKenzie Lake Spirit Photography

Tonight we were driving around town and we met a man who claimed he had a photo of a ghost. He said he was at McKenzie Lake, Armstrong Ontario area. It was about 2 AM and they were taking photo's of the Northern lights, when his friend snapped some photos in succession, while the before and after were void of any spiritual activity, the middle photo captured what looks like a girl in alice in wonderland style clothing. This is not quite the place to find such a spirit as it is rugged outdoor country, never these, he was nice enough to share the photo with me immediately. He wants to stay anonymous, but he said to share away. He said if he wasn't there, he'd say the photo was photoshopped, badly, however he says, "I was there, and I never use to believe in ghosts, but since seeing this, and my friend take the photo; now I am starting to believe in them."

Anonymous - Original

He had also asked a friend's relative about this photo and they believe it to be a ghost. The person also stated they believe photography during the Northern lights can also amp up the energy spiritually speaking. Now, when it comes to the technology of the day and the frequent use of ghost apps, I'd say it could be, but have not seen this one yet. Fancifully I'd love to say it is, but to err on the side of caution and say it could have been an app used secretively without his knowledge during photography of the Northern lights. In any case it is quite a nice photo where most cameras can not capture the Northern lights, so yes! Great Photo! What do you think?

Anonymous - Brightened
I may have to check into area history.

~ Dee McCullay - Dark History


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