In Deep: Richard Mazallon's Absurd Comedy is Random and Hilarious

How many films do you watch laughing away and muttering WTF!? How random was THAT? Well if that was you, heres another one to add to your list of favorites. Richard Mazallon of RM-Photographie has created a weird tale of toiletry that is original and clever and I am certainly glad to speak with the production crew about it. I came across it on Youtube a few months ago when looking for something I haven't seen before, and from a film maker's stand point I am hard pressed to find anything wrong with it. From it's original story, to it's excellent cinematography, to it's soundtrack, to its VFX by Guzul, to it's crisp final cut, this film has got everything going for it, and it is my hope to make more people aware of the film: In Deep Shit.

In Deep Shit ©2015-2016 RM-Photographie All Rights Reserved
The film is made in France, but don't worry, it's a neo-silent film, and the actors did an excellent job conveying their intentions and feelings through their work. In speaking to Richard Mazallon I learned that this film has not been entered into any film festivals!? WTF?  It is professionally made and can seriously win award after award in my opinion. From it's opening shot you can see the quality of production and how different it will be right away.

It begins with a strange opening shot, Actress Rack Framboise stands peering into the camera momentarily fixing her clothes and then goes for a drink of coffee sending her immediately to the toilet. Looking for the TP she learns there is nothing available but empty rolls. She calls in the aid of her friend, a Chef (played by Damien Boutte) to deliver the goods, much like a mob boss snapping her fingers. Thus begins the randomly ridiculous relay race. I don't want to give away all the details of the film, so you can see it the way I did, without knowing what's coming next. But lets just say it's bizarre in the best of ways.

In Deep Shit ©2015-2016 RM-Photographie All Rights Reserved 
Richard Mazallon is an independent film maker, spending 3 years studying video in a French Cinema school in Lyon. Mazallon said, "After trying for a few years to work in video, I realized maybe I was not made for this, especially from a way of thinking point of view, and a making a living one. So now I have more of a classical job -" Choosing to keep photo and video as more of a passion. "I feel artistically free."

Some notable characters in the deeply mired plot of pudding are played by: Julie Brune, Nina Dub, Bertrand Roca, Stephane Penaranda (Assistant Director,) Mala, Harley Pouk, Eric Thorlames, and Annelie Bellule. Each in their own ways contributing to pushing the story to it's comedic conclusion.

In Deep Shit was shot from June to October 2015. Mazallon - afraid to make a real mess said,"My good friend Nina (the Hitchhiker) has motivated me a lot to realize the movie, then Stephane (the Axe Man) Julie (the Hairdresser) and Bertrand (The Skateboarder) all convinced me to do the film saying 'You have no excuse, you have about 20 people ready to jump with you, so go ahead and tell your fear to fuck off.'

In Deep Shit ©2015-2016 RM-Photographie All Rights Reserved
I was thoroughly impressed with the film. It was random, it was weird, it was different. I am not a film reviewer, but I can speak from a director's standpoint using the same criteria I use on my films and can say this movie is beautifully shot, produced with the greatest of attention to quality and detail, perfectly lit, even in the dark scenes without any digital spoil whatsoever, and edited with perfect timing. Mazallon had 3500 shots to work with in post, but dropping to 340 in the final cut choosing the best takes. The film was finished editing in June 2016.

Check it out right here!

The film screams PRO as well as the quality of promotional material. I gotta hand it to them, they got what they're doing down pat. It is not often I will see a film and pursue the film maker to thank them, but in this case, it was one of those times! Mazallon said there were 4 people constantly on set, himself, Stephane (Assistant Director and Props), Nina, and Bertrand (grips and shot advice.) The rest of the crew were the actors and friends too. The Actors and Actresses did an amazing job whether their first time, or their fifth time, they nailed it with 5 star flair. Mazallon having learned from the experience of Draft Trip, decided to make it a silent film, void of any dialogue, and expressing it's story through events, body, and expression.

The story itself came about through a discussion with his friend Nina - "I was discussing a movie about an emergency, we thought about a character who could be in danger. Then I suggested the idea of the toilet, and she came up with the toilet paper incident. The strange idea was born!" The screenplay was written by Richard and Nina.

In Deep Shit ©2015-2016 RM-Photographie All Rights Reserved
Immediately you will take notice of the music in the film, which was made by Richard Mazallon's brother, David Mazallon which was totally epic and spurred the story along perfectly and magically. The music is all original and he definitely did a great job in it's creation, stressing at plot points and dropping beats hard when needed. The film's composer David Mazallon said, "It took me about a year to complete the whole soundtrack." It was originally to be a 5 minute short, "-the film became even longer, and I was trapped like that Ahah!"

Richard works in record time, while the composer lets the possibilities simmer for a week or two "and boom, ideas come up and a track is complete in a few hours (the composition, not the final product)." As far as the inspiration for the soundtrack, it came from "a lot of metal songs subconsciously, " and "the pictures, without pictures I am really lost." said the film's composer. It also must be stated that David also worked alongside Maxime in the mixing and mastering of the film. Together they have created something memorable and fun.

Richard Mazallon said in regard to cast and crew, "Low budget and low crew! But a true friend's crew, people really involved and engaged in the movie. I think this is the biggest budget we can pretend to!" As a low budget film maker, I am completely impressed with this film, and shows no sign of being a low budget film. Kudos to the entire cast and crew as this film rocks! 5/5 Stars

In Deep Shit ©2015-2016 RM-Photographie All Rights Reserved

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