Paranormal Survivor Begins March 10 2017 !!!

Yes, it's true! And I was fortunate enough to work with some very talented people in the television industry last November and now, seeing that it's March 10 a new season of Paranormal Survivor begins tonight on T&E!

Paranormal Survivor Season 3 begins March 10, 2017 - Photo Courtesy of OHM
Through the Spring and Summer of 2016 I was in contact with Our House Media discussing the events I went through in a certain apartment complex where we endured one of the most heinous hauntings I have ever experienced. I can't give away any details right now, but you may remember me talking about it in a write up when I was in the paranormal - Dark History. Was it the worst haunting ever? One of the worst, there is only one that outweighs it. However it was a wonderful trip down to the Six. 

On my way
Stage and Screen tickets were pre-paid, and I checked in for my flight. Grabbed myself a coffee and an apple fritter and chilled with my family. Next I met a friend who greeted me and gave me hugs and bided me safe journey. 

Dee Outside of Thunder Bay International Airport
Next thing you know I'm on my very first plane trip. It's too bad I had a head cold cause my ears stayed blocked for two weeks. We landed and immediately got my text from the Production Assistant stating where he was. 

Descent Into the Six
Then we had a nice ride down the 401 to Belleville where I found my room all ready for me. I did a live video to my public page on Facebook as I awaited my pizza. I spent the night watching TV and chillin' out. 

Every Hotel I Stay At I Take a "Shining" Pic
The next morning I tweeted Paranormal SUV, and got an RT back, as I got a ride straight to the set where I met the rest of the peeps I'd be spending the day with. I did my interview and went for lunch with the production team. It was great. 

Dee at Filming Location
Then my ride arrived and we took the 2 hour trek back to TO, burger in hand, with an hour and a half to spare. 

On Our Way Back to TO
I checked in for my trip home and waited. It was another pleasant plane trip through the early night sky of on coming Winter. I remember looking out and seeing the moon, bright as ever and seeing the silver cotton clouds below. As we neared Thunder Bay I could feel us descending and could see Arthur street below. I was home. There to greet me was my family smiling. It was a great experience, one I will always remember. I was told the episode was to be Season 3 Episode 4, originally was to be the first, but production is a busy business, they had to push my episode to be shot last, as they were in the states all summer and fall. The episode will be late Spring 2017 on Travel & Escape and Destination America.

Paranormal Survivor - Photo Courtesy of OHM
I am definitely excited to see the episode, and see who plays me. One of the best experiences ever, but I wouldn't have had it if I didn't go through the terror of 'Dee's Nightmare Apartment'.

Dee McCullay - Paranormal Survivor Season 3 - Terrifying Visions
The episode aired on April 28, 2017, as the last half of Season 3, episode 9, I am listed as Dee Thackery, I am not sure how to credit on IMDb, but I'll figure it out. I was very pleased with how they put it together, I think it was great, and I am also open to telling it again on other paranormal shows to see their version of events! Here's hoping! If you watch it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Whenever it becomes available online, I will post the link!

I am a Paranormal Survivor! Good stuff!!!

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