Nightmare Creature Seen on Highway 17

Year: Between 2001 & 2003 Season: Spring
Location: Old Woman's Bay at Lake Superior Provincial Park - Highway 17

A taxi driver remembers he used to regularly drive CN engineers all the way from Hawk Junction past Wawa down to Sault Ste. Marie. There was still snow gathered along the road sides. On a return fare back to Wawa, (passing Old Woman's Bay,) one night, he came upon something that would haunt him forever.

He gradually made the climb, and upon reaching the top, he could see the guard rail in his headlights, and suddenly there it was. A child-like creature crawled out from under the rail! It was stunned by the headlights during the slow climb, giving the man time to have a good look at it, and to know he was not seeing things.

Photo by Dee McCullay

The creature crawled from under the rail into the snow pile on it's hands and knees, it glanced at the unexpected headlights, momentarily froze, and was on its hands and feet soon enough, running like an animal, dodging the bottom rail slipping into the night. It was described clearly as having the face of a child, in fact about a 10 year old. It wore no clothes, and was said to be covered in patches of hair. The head had a bit of hair on it, and it's back was said to have visible patches.

The man was too scared to stop and look for prints. He has never laid eyes on it again, but it was the weirdest thing he'd ever seen. The kind of image nightmares are made of. In fact he also said, his hair was still standing on end hours after the incident. The encounter is seared into his memory, and every time he passes that spot, his hair stands on end in remembrance of this strange and startling meeting with the unknown.

Effected by the chance encounter, he began to research the area. The only thing he could attribute it to was an article of a plane crash in Old Woman's Bay in the 1970's with a whole family inside. But not everyone was accounted for. Was it a survivor? Was it a feral child? Was it something in the Sasquatch family? Some sort of cryptid being? We will never know...

Whatever was seen that night, Lake Superior's region has it's secrets.

~Dee McCullay - Dark History


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