Sasquatch & Cat Tails - A Plentiful Food Source (Theory)

Over the years, there have been so many Sasquatch encounters both in the forest and on roadsides. However the majority are by motorists seeing what they at first believe to be a bear. Upon driving up on these creatures, and to their surprise it is learned that sometimes they are not bears, but Sasquatch. What are they doing if not attempting to cross the road, or observing traffic from the bush line. Most are said to be in ditches.

My friend Henry Deschamp (advisor on Sasquatch on Lake Superior I & II) has a theory on this stating that, Sa'be or Sasquatch is picking cat tails or bullrushes from the ditch. It is a plentiful food source found anywhere water is. At certain times of year the plant's roots and core are freshest but at any time it is edible. He believes the Sasquatch migrates as the fresh food source moves with the season, and begins his yearly round once again.

Screenshot from Sasquatch on Lake Superior II ©2018 Thunderstryker Films

The cat tail is found anywhere water is present, such as creeks, rivers, lakes, marshes, ditches, etc. During the year it begins to deteriorate, but the roots will always be there. The plant itself is quite unique as it purifies the water. The edible portion of it is found in it's tender core. When digging the plant, you will come to the white end, which is it's softest part, (not counting the core) at 4 - 6 inches from the root.

It is advised to never eat these plants in polluted areas such as roadside ditches, and other areas where the possibility of pollution could exist. However for the Sasquatch, it is possible they are stripping away the chute, and using the slime underneath the leaves of the base for its medicinal properties. It is known that the gel is filled with magnesium, vitamin K, and iron and is a natural antiseptic and analgesic. The plant can treat sunburn, toothaches, cuts and bruises.

It takes at least 30 chutes for a single serving, when picking, and to actually fill a creature as big as this, I'd expect a minimum of 100. So spending a lot of time in ditches would be a credible issue.

So over thousands of years it is possible the creature has learned these medicinal properties, and also that the plant is edible. Following the freshest food source as the seasons change. It is a good theory, and I thank my friend Henry for making it known to me.

Dee McCullay

~ Dee McCullay


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